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Established in 1981, Snowy Peak Ltd is New Zealand owned and based in Christchurch. The company is named after the high country sheep farming property in Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand, where Peri Drysdale, the company founder, grew up.

Knitwear, sustainability and design are the heritage, life and passion of Snowy Peak Limited, parent company of Untouched World™ and Merinomink™ (fine merino and luxurious possum fur).

It all began when the ancestors of the brand founder, Peri Drysdale, sailed from Britain on one of the First Four ships to bring European settlers to Canterbury, New Zealand in 1850. From those early colonial beginnings a deep involvement with sheep farming for the family began In New Zealand. From the age of four, Peri helped in the woolshed on the picturesque high country sheep farming property which incorporated the Snowy Peak high country block, after which the company is named, fed orphaned lambs and helped her father feeding hay to sheep before going to school on the country school bus.

From 1981, beginning with cottage industry production, hand knitting infants garments and accessories Snowy Peak then moved into children's hand knits, adult's hand knits, adult's domestic hand flat machine knits and finally computerised industrial knitting, all within the first four years and all sold under the Snowy Peak brand. Initially there were 10 outworkers creating products and that grew to 500 within that four years.

Snowy Peak Ltd has been working with the finest natural fibres including Merino, possum, cashmere, linens, bamboo and cotton. Snowy Peak Ltd continues to create beautiful and timeless knitwear and garments.

We’re like a family here at Snowy Peak Ltd. Many of us have worked together for years, and spend as much time with each other as we do with our loved ones! We are passionate about what we do and we hope that shows through in each piece we create, pieces that not only make you feel good inside and out, but that are also easy on the earth. Quality and sustainability are non-negotiables for us, and we won’t budge on either.

Snowy Peak Ltd pioneered the use of Brushtail Possum fibre blended with wool in 1992 and following deep research, launched the brand Merinomink™ on the market in 1996. In 1998 Untouched World™, an ethical lifestyle fashion brand and retail concept was launched.

Snowy Peak Ltd continues to create beautiful and timeless knitwear for its brands Merinomink™ and Untouched World™, using the finest materials, the most modern technology and quality craftsmanship.

The vision of Snowy Peak Ltd is to create a healthy, vital and dynamic future for the planet and its people, through both products, business activity and the Untouched World Charitable Trust.

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