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Snowy Peak Ltd is deeply engaged with ecological, social and ethical sustainability issues. We research and consider the overall influence of all our activities on the planet's flora, fauna and also its people.

Our passion for sustainable design flows through every element of our brands, from our yarns, fabrics to our buttons -recycled cotton through to sustainably harvested tagua nut - and our labels and print material. We have carried out total life cycle studies from forest and farm right through production, laundering through to end of life.

All of our possum knitwear collections are produced in our specialist knitting mill at our head office in Christchurch, New Zealand where the staff are like family. Many of them have celebrated their 20 year anniversary working for the company. A small percentage of the Untouched World™ collections are produced overseas. Our manufacturing facilities whether in New Zealand or overseas must meet very strict social and environmental criteria. It's our passion to make a positive difference in the world. Ethical, fair trade that's ecologically sound is non-negotiable.

Our sustainable design philosophy drives innovation in design. We are committed to continually improve the ecological and social footprint of our collections. This effort, coupled with our development of and commitment to the Untouched World™ Charitable Trust, has been internationally recognised by the United Nations. We are the first clothing company in the world to be accredited to use the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainability emblem on our products. Our CEO Peri has been invited to consult with the United Nations, and former US President Bill Clinton has sought Peri's contribution on how to improve the world's environment at the Clinton Global Initiative conferences. Untouched World™ has recently been named ‘Best Sustainable Brand 2014’ by Sublime Magazine in the UK.

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